Terms & Conditions

We welcome customers to our website and take advantage of different services. But before you take benefit of the service you should agree with the terms and conditions that comply with the services. It is the method through which the client can govern strong relations and bong of trust between business entities. These are made for the benefits of customers and company as it also profound about company guidelines with ease.

The terms of the company or we provide are referred to as the owner of the website who has registered with the office address (F-1236, Saraswati Tower, Mahaghunpuram, Ghaziabad NH 24, 201010). The term you (client or customer) refers to users and visitors of this website is for their security. They should also know about the work and conditions in which we provide the services.

When you (client) use the website for enjoying the service then they have to follow some terms and conditions offer below:

  • The content and notice avail on the website for general use and information for clients. We can modify them according to needs without providing prior notice.
  • We and any third party do not provide any guarantee or warranty with regards to performance, timeline, completeness, and accuracy, and even do not provide information with this on the site for any type of purpose. You should acknowledge that information about such types are inaccurate or have equipped with an error. Goldcrest Logic excludes any types of liability for such errors.
  • We also offer security to our content with copyrighted material. We also make sure that no-one can rewrite or copy from our official website for personal use.
  • When a client opts to service or product from the website then they should use it on their own risk as we are not responsible for this. It is the responsibility of the client to check about products or services before confirming booking and sight that it meets the demand of yours or not.
  • If the customer uses the website in an unauthorized way then we will take serious action and opts claim for any damage or have any criminal offense.

In case the client broke the contact in mid of the service or during the progress phase the payment will not be refunded.