What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic through organic search engine result.  It helps in converting your incoming traffic into sales and business.

Why Do I Need SEO?

For the growth of your online business, you need to rely on Search engine optimization as it increases traffic on your website. Your company would get a higher chance of being reviewed by potential customers with the help of SEO. Most of your competitors are taking the advantages of SEO and you should take it too.

Can I Stop and Start SEO Services at any time?

It would be better for you to never stop Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a marathon and it takes more efforts and time to see the best results. If you are stopping, you would lose your results and competitor would take advantage of this, and get in front of your potential customers.

How long would it take to Rank?

It depends on your customized marketing plan as it may take 2-3 months to start noticing better rankings. The timelines would vary as per your campaign goals, business type and much more. The marketing professional at Goldcrest logic would give you the right timeline for when you can get the expected results.

Is your work in-line with the latest updates of the Google algorithm?

Yes, our team spends a lot of time searching for the latest development and update in the SEO world. Our work is always moving with the matching step with the latest update in the Google algorithm.

Why is SEO so important?

The search engine is a very important part of digital marketing. Today more than 85% of people use the internet for searching for their interesting services and products. SEO is the criteria that ensure your website ability and seeks that it has all the necessary details for grabbing high rank during search engine results. If you will not get top rank then the website not able to bring traffic and lower the company reputation. With the help of SEO professionals, you can get the best ROI (return on investment) by offering fresh and effective websites.

Do you provide any kind of guarantee?

No, our SEO company does not provide any guaranteed of getting top rank for the site. While many things determine the placements in the search engine result. For illustration, every time the search engine changes its ranking algorithm. Besides this, efforts made by competitors, new website added to the search engine affect the rank of the site. We can offer you with the best idea and efforts so your site can reach the top level.

Can I get top rank in the single keyword?

With many numbers of sites and due to high rank in the search engine this is difficult with single keywords. It is better to target more than two keywords and reach to the target audience with ease. For illustration, home business is better than home and business single keyword return with the least traffic on the site.

Do I need to meet with you?

It is not compulsory as it can happen in a rarer case as all conversations can happen through phone or email.

I am in another country; can you still work for us?

Yes, we work across the entire country.

How long does it take to create a website?

The time taken in the creation of the perfect website depends on multiple factors. When it is about to custom design work then it takes 4 to 7 days, simultaneously, it also depends on the complexity of the design company wants for the site and the numbers of revisions you required.

How many changes can I make to my site without additional cost?

We offer much of latitudes as possible. Once you will final the general format and color for the website designing. We complete the process with 2 rounds of the major revisions without any charges. Besides, this we also provide minor revisions without any cost.

Do you do graphic design and can you make a logo?

Yes, we also do logo designing, flyer design, brochure design, stationery, banners, business card design and many more things as we want to create your brand.

Do you redesign an existing website?

Yes, we can easily redesign the existing website to gain the popularity of the brand among customers. Our dedicated team retains the organization style and provide a completely new look to the website. Even we also offer free website evaluation to create it without any error. This way, you can sight how the website can enjoy the advantage of the latest and update web technology.

What if I do not like the design?

If you are not satisfied with the service, we will work on it again and then further come up with a new design according to your needs. Our main aim is to design the website through which you get complete happiness.

How many pages can I have on my website?

In this, you can have as many pages as you want. You can explore the search engines’ point of view while creating the site to make it according to their algorithm.

Do you use Flash animation in your website design?

Yes, we Flash but at the required place only. There are some times when it can be an asset but sometimes not. But we do not use Flash for whole website creation and pages. As the search engine is not able to read the content created with the use of Flash.

Can you provide Web design and hosting services?

Yes, Our Company is a one-stop-shop. Once you will opt us you do not need to take the stress. We take care of everything whether it is registering domain name and designing of the site. Even we also provide maintenance of the site for years.



Can your team post content on my website?

Sure, we will be happy to post blogs on website. With our exclusive bogging service that also includes blogging managed packages. Our editorial team post the blogs directly on WordPress by using the right SEO optimization techniques. Our writer draft unique & quality blogs. Additionally, we ensure that each post should have unique features to attract customer attention.

Do you offer a free trial?

We do not provide any free trial. As you have to pay an advance fee according to the service. If you want to try our working style then you start with short order and then explore work quality. When you will love the work and ready to commit long term then you can enjoy our monthly plan. In this, you can also enjoy discounts with commitment. If you want a flexible feature in the work then you can stick to the payment according to the project work.

What training do you offer?

We offer many types of training such as content writing, workshops, basics Word Press maintenance, how to write educational and training content, digital marketing basics, and how to deliver training. All our training runs one to one through Skype or Google Hangouts. We provide a workshop on the same project for half-day. You can immediately contact us to discuss programs and pricing.

What if I am not delivered what I want?

We make sure that before the writing of the company carry out proper research on your likes and dislikes. We also understand your requirements and needs to provide the perfect work. If still, you are not satisfied with work then we edit till you get proper satisfaction. We offer the process of editing and reviewing within 7 days of working. We do not offer a refund once work has been completed. If work has not been started, clients can get refund.

How do you check uniqueness of content?

We check the content through the premium account of the Copyscape and also proofread for offering accuracy without any grammar mistakes.

When I use your writing service who owns the copyright to the article or website content I pay you to write?

When you make payment then copyright is own to your site content. Then it depends on you what to want to do with it.

How do I Get Started?

Before proceeding further, you can call, whatsapp or email so that we can know about your requirements.

Is it a long term contract?

No, it is not a long term contract. All our services agreements and various contracts are on a monthly basis.  You do not have to pay any hidden fees for canceling. Our clients never switch to another client or terminate their services due to our quality services.

What is Pay-Per-Click?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, is a digital marketing model where the advertiser gives a fee whenever their ads are getting clicked. It is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your website results in more profit to your business.

How Do we Handle your PPC Campaigns?

After performing through keyword Research to recognize your profitable keywords, we would make adjustments to your campaign daily. We will add additional keywords and deleting negative keywords, refine landing pages and demographic targeting.

Will Social Media help my business?

Yes, Social Media would surely help your business as it has various applications and can work for all the companies. It gives the ability to connect directly with your customers easily without any problem. The experts at Goldcrest logic handle all your social media needs.

Why should I prefer hiring an Agency rather than In-House?

You should let the professionals handle your work. Our professionals are the experts of digital marketing. The main benefit of digital marketing agency is resources and years of experience. Call us now!

Is there any minimum starting budget?

We do not have a monthly minimum or any pre-priced budgets. We do not have any required buy-in packages. We evaluate our client’s campaign individuals based on their needs, goals, and ability. We have an affordable monthly marketing budget for our clients.